AUTHORS: Jake Harvey, Joel Fisher,

Jessica Harrison, Noe Mendelle

EDITOR: Andrew Patrizio

PUBLISHER: Black Dog Publishing Ltd London UK


Human beings have been adjusting their understanding of stone for centuries. Stone A Legacy and Inspiration for Art is a fascinating exploration into the world of stone work; a photographic journey that depicts the work of the Edinburgh College of Art’s Stone Project, led by Professor Jake Harvey, Professor Noe Mendelle and Joel Fisher; and their three years of research-based travel to countries around the world — explored through essays, case studies, photographs and film stills.


Guiding the reader through the traditional processes of extracting stone and the plethora of tools and techniques used, Harvey, Mendelle and Fisher delve into the history of stone work, whilst simultaneously situating it within contemporary practice. Opening with a photo essay on “The Quarry”, breathtaking photographs taken over the past century depict quarries around the world. 

The authors then follow the material’s journey from its birthplace, through the various methods of extraction, exploring the material’s evolution into something new with an array of sculptural techniques, whilst also giving voice to the quarry workers and stonemasons responsible.


Contemporary stone sculpture and stone carving is featured within the book, with artists using stone within their practice being highlighted — such as Marc Quinn, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Gerard Mas, Isamu Naguchi and the late Louise Bourgeois — Stone  includes previously unseen images of theirwork in production, and in some of the many stoneworking ‘laboratories’ and quarries featured.


A visually stimulating title, Stone A Legacy and Inspiration for Art  is the ideal introduction to stone work and the perfect addition to the bookshelves of those with an interest in arts, crafts and architecture.





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